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10-week course

The Art in Roman Egypt: Ancient Faces and Beautiful Burials
- The Junction, Friends Centre, Brighton Mondays 10.30pm to 12.30pm starting 19 September 2011
The fascinating funerary art of Roman Egypt uniquely combines both Greek and Egyptian visual forms, interspersed with Roman elements. It was specific to a particular time and place – namely, Egypt from just before the Roman conquest (circa mid-first century BC) to the early Byzantine era at the end of the third century AD.
Course description: FI Roman Egypt (pdf)
Further information/enroll: cee shortcourses x9607

Day Courses
The concept behind this series of day courses is for students to spend a day taking a ‘virtual’ tour around a particular city to learn more about their cultural heritage.

A Day in Ancient Athens - University of Sussex – 10am to 4pm - Saturday 11 Feb. 2012
Course description: FI Athens (pdf)
Further information/enroll: cce shortcourses x90280

A Day in Ancient Rome - University of Sussex – 10am to 4pm - Saturday 26 Feb. 2012
Course description: FI Rome (pdf)
Further information/enroll: cce shortcourses x90293

A Day in Renaissance Rome - The Junction, Friends Centre, Brighton 10.30am to 4.30pm - Saturday 17 March 2012
Course description: FI Renaissance (pdf)
Further information/enroll: cce shortcourses x90281

The Original Olympics: the ‘Games’ in Classical Greece - University of Sussex 10am to 4pm - Saturday 21 April 2012
So you think you know all about the Olympics? Come and find out about the original games and how the Ancient Greeks did it.
Course description: [selectable to FI Olympics]
Further information/enroll: cce shortcourses x9029

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