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East meets West at the Crossroads of Early Modern Europe:
Artistic Inspirations & Innovations

Held at University of Sussex, 6th & 7th September 2007

Poland map

This conference brings together eminent researchers in the field and provides a unique opportunity to explore Central/Eastern European art and culture of the Early Modern period. The aim of the conference is a re-assessment of this artistic heritage, which will allow us to re-integrate the art of Central/Eastern Europe into the pan-European context. The conference will inform a new interpretation, not only of Central/Eastern Europe art, but also of Western art of the period.

Further information from the conference organiser:
Dr J.J. Labno jjlabno@jjlabno.co.uk
or e-mail: crossroads@sussex.ac.uk
website: www.sussex.ac.uk/arthistory/1-4-15.html

Download and print conference details here