Katarzyna Pilecka (1550?), Pilica

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Paper:      ‘The monumental body and Sarmatian ideology in Renaissance Poland’
               Monuments and Monumentality in Later Medieval and Early Modern Europe,                University of Stirling, 13– 14 August 2011
Paper:      ‘Artistic practice in Renaissance Poland: a truly international affair’
               AAH10, 36th Association of Art Historians’ Annual Conference,
               University of Glasgow, 15–17 April 2010
     ‘Power and patronage in Renaissance Poland: the Tarnowski family.’
               Third International Conference, Society for Renaissance Studies, Trinity College
               Dublin, 10–12 July 2008
Paper:      ‘Locating a Forgotten Renaissance: shifting boundaries, conceptual identities
               and cultural frameworks in Central and Eastern Europe’ for the session ‘Locating
               the Renaissance: the Position and Meaning of Renaissance Studies within Art
               Historical Scholarship’.
               Location: the Museum, the Academy and the Studio, 34th Association of Art
               Historians’ Annual Conference, Tate Modern London, 2–4 April 2008
Paper:      ‘Remembering the Polish Renaissance child—in memoria.’
               Culture of memory in East Central Europe i(1000–1600), University of Poznań,
               12–14 March 2008
Paper:      ‘The monumental body and visual presentation of the child in Renaissance
               East meets West at the Crossroads of Early Modern Europe: Artistic Inspirations
               & Innovations
, University of Sussex 6-7 September 2007
Paper:      ‘‘Visual representation of children on funeral monuments in Poland (1500–1650).’                Contestations, 33rd Association of Art Historians’ Annual Conference,
               University of Ulster, Belfast, 12–14 April 2007.
Paper:      ‘The monumental body of the Renaissance child (1500–1650): shifting
               borders, conceptual identities and cultural boundaries.’  
               The Borders in the Art History of Central Europe, Institute of Art History,
               Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia, 15–16 February 2007

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